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General, Business & Technical English Training

TENAZ Training LLP is the only dedicated English language Training service for professionals in Atyrau that delivers the highest quality Oil & Gas specific course materials which improve communication skills for work purposes as well as general communication skills.


At Tenaz Training, we are committed to providing the highest quality language training for companies and individuals working in the Oil & Gas and related industries by using the most experienced, qualified trainers, the best quality materials and providing the best learning environments. We focus on the language required by you to do your job safely.

We also provide Russian language training for expats and your families.

From transactional language to help you in daily life to more advanced Russian for work purposes.

Without a doubt, English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. English is the first language of more than 375 million people in the world and is officially spoken in 54 countries.

In the world of industry and business, communication is typically made in English. Working in the Oil & Gas industry, you’re expected to conduct business negotiations, presentations, lead safety moments, as well as write and respond to emails, contracts, reports and agreements, all in English. Enabling all key personnel to communicate well in English will give your company a tremendous advantage over your competitors.

One of the great advantages to learning business English is that it dramatically boosts employment opportunities and career prospects. People who are fluent speakers of English are highly sought after by many employers. English is the language of opportunity.

The field of technology plays a vital role in the day and age in which we live. English is the universal language used to teach technology and IT. Businesses that thrive on technologies, research and applications, all do so using the common denominator of English.

When you master English, you get to advance by ‘leaps and bounds’ in your personal and professional lives and a world of opportunity opens up for you.

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