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 BTEC | Business & Technical English Centre

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 BTEC | Business & Technical English Centre

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BBC Business English Online

Many solutions claim to integrate video into the learning experience, but rarely go beyond traditional watch and learn approaches. 
BBCBE uses mobile devices and HD cameras to create a truly unique learning experience through real video interactivity enabling students to build fluency faster, improve pronunciation, increase confidence and express themselves more dynamically in work situations. 

How it works

Students learn by watching clips of the 2-hour BBC movie along with video tutorials, then practise speaking through engaging activities such as business simulations and pronunciation activities using their mobile or desktop cameras. 

Scenarios require students to solve real business problems and to communicate even personal work related issues; requiring them to think in English and not just listening passively.

The system automatically records student dialogues allowing self/instructor assessment and viewable progress over time. While most activities are auto-marked, video feedback can also be given for recorded business simulations and presentations.

The Course

BBC Business English is divided into two parts, Episode One and Episode Two.

Each episode contains 10 module topics with up to 3-4 hours of exciting

learning activities and dramatic movie story-line.

  • 1 Socializing, networking & describing your company

  • 2 On the phone: common phrases & selling

  • 3 Making arrangements & giving reports

  • 4 Meeting visitors & giving recommendations

  • 5 Describing products & giving presentations

  • 6 Making travel arrangements

  • 7 Staying at a hotel & dining out

  • 8 Describing a company’s services & facilities

  • 9 Explaining how something works & solving technical problems

  • 10 Arranging meetings & changing plans

  • 11 Analysing your competitors

  • 12 Making a convincing argument

  • 13 Travelling on business

  • 14 Advanced presentation & effective powerpoint techniques

  • 15 Entertaining clients

  • 16 Dealing with problems & complaints

  • 17 Negotiations & developments

  • 18 Negotiating tactics

  • 19 Meetings: persuasive language & chairing

  • 20 Managing employees & resolving issues

Offline Version

This version has the same content as above but is fully downloadable with support in 9 languages.

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