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  • Noel Chivers

The President of Kazakhstan Calls for Trilingualism

Most of us in the UK and USA just about manage to speak one language reasonably well. So when Kazakhstan's President, Nursultan Nazarbayev, called on his country to be trilingual, it put many of us to shame. One company in Kazakhstan decided to do something about it. In 2015 a local recruitment company, partnered with Tangent Training as their online language training providers, to teach their national employees, in Business English. This proved very popular, especially as their staff could connect online to a live trainer from any location via any Internet device. The HR manager commented “This was very successful, so we decided to train our expat Managers in Russian and Kazakh as well”. Ruslan, a senior manager noted, “Our expat managers, who mainly study Russian, are often on the move so we needed them to be connected simultaneously from Russia, Holland, UK and Kazakhstan; this wouldn’t interrupt their schedule but meant they could maintain their training”. Something nowadays many executives neglect. “We also negotiated special prices for all our national contractors working for large Oil & Gas companies here in Kazakhstan to enable them to develop their English capabilities which are so important in an industry that relies on communication skills for safety purposes” commented Ruslan. ​

Tangent Training are also online partners of BTEC and will be offering other languages such as Kazakh, Turkish, Chinese and the main European languages.

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