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English for Oil & Gas

Nurlan had finished his diploma from the Oil & Gas Institute and he was looking forward to working for one of the major oil companies based in his country. He had completed the course but he wanted to specialise in drilling. Drilling is controlled by Exploration & Production [E&P] and most of the senior drillers were American, so everyone used English as the working language. Nurlan knew English quite well but he didn’t know technical or business English for work. “I didn’t use English much when I was studying because the course was in Russian, so I really needed a course where I could learn the English to start my career in the oil industry.” Luckily for Ruslan, he found BTEC on Facebook and then found the website. “It was very easy to contact them and they replied almost immediately. I then did a free placement test to find out my level and BTEC recommended what courses were most suitable.” Our advisor recommended the Oil & Gas course for technical English. It’s a modular course so Nurlan could choose the subjects that were important to him. “After talking to BTEC I decided to do 10 modules [30 hrs] and with BTEC's help, I chose which ones I wanted.” Nurlan completed the course and after showing his prospective employer his diploma [and his Technical English certificate], he got the job. “Thanks to some help from BTEC I’m now working offshore as a driller and I’m really enjoying my work. My English is even better now but I don't think I could have done it without their help.” BTEC has direct experience in the O&G industry both teaching and providing consulting. With this experience we have developed many modules focusing on both business and technical aspects that will help companies and individuals improve their English skills.

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The list of modules below is just a few available:

  • Basic English

  • Project Management

  • Business operations

  • Soft skills – Meetings, presentations and negotiations

  • Exploration & Production

  • Machines and tools

  • Drilling

  • Geophysics

  • Finance

  • Refineries

  • O&G Products

  • Natural gas

  • Pipes and pipelines

  • Operational excellence

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