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The Kazakhstan Way: One Nation, One Country and One Future.

Қазақстанның; мақсаты, тұтас ұлт, бір мемлекет, бір болашақ Цель Казахстана: одна нация, одна республика и одно будущее

Kazakhstan’s president Nursultan Nazarbayev recently announced the plan for the third stage of Kazakhstan’s modernisation, designed to ensure the country’s global competitiveness.

The focus will include education, with English pinpointed as ‘The language of future growth in almost all economic and technological sectors’.

The President stated, “Kazakhstan cannot reach national progress without mastery of the English language.”


Two points from the 100 point document released by the Government of Kazakhstan:

  • 72. Making English the official language of the financial centre. Its independent legislation must be developed and applied in the English language.

  • 79. Stage-by stage transition to the use of the English language in the education system. The main aim is to increase competitiveness of students when they leave and position the educational sector as attractive for international students.

Source: Kazakhstan Reforms​


Thanks to the forward thinking of Kazakhstan’s president, English has been raised as an integral factor in the country’s quest for improvement. The Oil & Gas industry in Kazakhstan has been making great strides to train nationals in business and technical English for many years.

As with many countries in this part of the world, English has been identified as a critical factor in education and business. However, if all governments progress their intentions, the shortfall in English teachers [in China alone] would number tens of thousands.

So how can we overcome this? One method that works and overcomes the logistics of finding and ‘importing’ all those teachers is online or e-Learning. The technology exists and there are no geographical boundaries. One morning a teacher could be working with a school in Almaty; in the afternoon a company in Baku; and in the evening, another in Guangzhou – all from an office in Thailand, UK or the USA.

There are differing delivery methods to suit the learners or locations too.

Add to this on-demand course and there is something for everyone, anywhere, anytime.


One company already advanced in all 3 methods is Tangent Training, an online business language school based in Thailand. CEO, Neil Rodrigues stated “We have been successfully delivering live courses via our virtual classrooms for almost 2 years. We realised there was a gap in the market for self-paced courses for lower level learners, so we developed our ‘English for Oil & Gas Workers’ course which we have just launched through the Petrolessons portal.

Neil also announced, “We are very pleased to extend our activities in Kazakhstan with our partner BTEC Business & Technical English Centre who will represent our online courses to companies who need English for work purposes while also promoting our comprehensive Oil & Gas materials for face-to-face training in the Atyrau region.”


BTEC | Business & Technical English Centre is the only dedicated English language Training service for professionals in Atyrau that delivers the highest quality Oil & Gas specific course materials which improve communication skills for work purposes.

Contact us for further information

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