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This course has been created for beginner and elementary learners working in construction, offshore, logistics, facilities engineering, and as sub-contractors and temporary staff in both on-site and field-based roles. It is provided asynchronously (self-paced and without a live trainer) via PC, tablet or mobile phone to enable the user to access it at any time and from any location.


The FUNDAMENTALS OF TECHNICAL ENGLISH FOR OIL & GAS WORKERS [FTEOGW] course is delivered in modular format. Each module/unit comprising 40-50 minutes self-paced study. Each unit contains worksheets and preliminary flash-cards providing the learner with the necessary input material and vocabulary to complete the unit.  A set of basic units accompany the course to enable beginners and low-level learners to gain a stronger grasp of the course.


Tangent Training recognises that oil and gas workers are required to speak and be coherent in a working environment. Classes are given in the lexical format where learners learn chunks of language. We incorporate CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) methodologies where the principles of the subject are taught with the language in tandem.


This course is designed to improve and develop speaking, confidence,
pronunciation and fluency for workers

who need English for work.

By the end of the course, workers will be able to:

  • Identify, enquire about and report errors and basic problems

  • Respond to suggestions, make requests and communicate with colleagues

  • Use the language of location and position to identify and describe equipment, machinery and devices in an operational environment

  • Use numerical language, fractions, percentages and SI units common in everyday oil & gas communication

  • Read and comprehend basic manuals, instructions, instrumentation, gauges, charts and tables

  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of terms associated with mass, area, volume, pressure & temperature

  • Provide basic analysis of flow charts, diagrams and graphs

  • Describe the basic working principles and identify the components of production machinery such as pumps, turbines and engines.

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