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English & Russian Language Training

Face-to-Face language courses to groups and individuals


  • Business English

  • Technical English for Oil & Gas

  • Combined Business & Technical English

  • Communication Skills

    • Presentation Skills

    • Meeting Skills

    • Negotiating Skills

    • Pronunciation Skills

    • Business Writing Skills

  • BUPI - Basic Understanding of the Oil & Gas Industry


  • Russian for Beginners

  • Russian for Business


Costs for all courses, please contact us

Costs for General English


Online multi-method training to any location and any Internet device:

  • On-Demand Self-Paced O & G Technical English courses

  • On-Demand Competency-based  courses - see H2S sample


Other Services

  • Executive Coaching

  • Consultancy

  • Language Audits:

    • Assessment of current level, to international level testing standards

    • Language proficiency reports

    • Identifying the desired proficiency level required.

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